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We were both university students when in the beginning of 2018 we decided to rent a van and and go buy our first ice machine from Poland. It was a Clinebell CB300 ice block machine. After a few weeks our workroom was ready in our home garage and we started producing and delivering handcrafted ice to the first buyers. In a very short time we have had many great partners to work with, including some of the best bars and hotels in the city of Budapest. 

We got to know the participants of this market and realized what the expectiations are. It was clear that besides the premium handcrafted ice, there was a big need for a much better quality cube and nugget ice as well. Something that would deliver an alternative, which is not only a much better quality but about the same price.

In the summer of 2019, we moved our production into our new warehouse, located in the 11th district of the city. We as well established our company, Artificer Hungary Ice Producing and Trading Ltd. The location was very important for us so that we can reach the inner city as well as the suburbs in a fast and flexible way.

Besides the quality of our product, our partners to be satisfied is the most important factor. We are responsible for the whole chain of the production, including packaging and delivery most of the time. If you give us a call you will for sure talk to one of us, the owners.

„Give us your glass and we will cut the perfect ice that fits in it”, because we think that every quest doesn't just deserve the best available quality of drink, but the best available ice that goes in it. We produce all our products with great care and preciseness like it would be for our friends or loved ones.

Thank you to all of you who we have the chance to work with, giving us support to keep growing. We are eager to work with anyone who shares the same beliefs about the way our bar culture is heading in Budapest.

Galambos Ádám
Galambos Máté

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