The first time we heard of hand-cut ice production and handcrafted ice as an existing concept was in autumn, 2017. It was already clear at this time that it was an essential part of the bar culture overseas. During these months we were both still university students finishing our studies. Adam, the oldest one of us has even chose this as a topic for his final thesis project. He studied closely the Hungarian ice market and its products making a research if there was any place for a new business to fit in. It looked like there was... We didn't want to waste our time and were both very interested in this topic, we just couldn't wait to start our own business together. In the beginning of 2018 we were already on our way home from Poland with our first ice block machine and in a few weeks, we set up our first workroom in our childhood home's garage. We started the learning proccess and the production of handcrafted ice and slowly we were ready for delivery. In a short time we received some feedback that what we were doing was pretty good and very much a business waited for in Budapest. Soon we had a bunch of great partners to work with, including the best bars, restaurants and hotels of the city.

We got to know the participants of this market and realized what the expectiations were. It was clear that besides the premium handcrafted ice, there was a big need for a much better quality cube and nugget ice as well. Something that would create an alternative, which is not only a much better quality but at about the same price.

In the summer of 2019, it was time to buy our first very well recognised Japanese Hoshizaki ice machine. This time we also moved our production into our new workshop, located in the 11th district of the city. We also established our company, Artificer Hungary Ice Producing and Trading Ltd. The location was very important for us so that we can reach the inner city as well as the suburbs in a fast and flexible way.

In the beginning of 2021, we decided to expand our workshop further and headed to Budaörs, which is a perfect place to keep supplying the city of Budapest and its suburben area with real ice cubes. We are hoping that in the near future we will have the chance to supply our ice products into other parts of Hungary as well. 

Besides the quality of our product, our partners to be satisfied is the most important factor. We are responsible for the whole chain of the production, including packaging, delivery, sales and every part of the business most of the time. We produce all our products with great care and preciseness like it would be for our friends or loved ones.

If you give us a call you will for sure talk to one of us, the owners.

„Give us a glass and we will cut the perfect ice that fits in it”, because we truly believe that as many places, so many different kind of tastes and needs. We are open and happy to face crazy new ideas along the way, as you have come up with many great ones before. We are thankful to these kind of requests from you because in this way we can constantly improve our products and services. 

We thank all of you working with us and seeking to work together with anyone who shares our idea about the Hungarian bar culture and the way of its development.